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Beautiful mustards, homemade in North Norfolk



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About us

Ali Williams lives in the heart of North Norfolk with her family and chaotic collection of rescued chickens, bees and two shaggy dogs.


A love of kitchen gardening & cooking lead to this inspired range of chutneys and jams. Ali has long been disillusioned with the lack of choice of preserves on the market which do not contain artificial flavour enhancers, bulking agents or preservatives.


You will find none of these in any of our jams and chutneys. Where recipes allow we even make our own pectin ‘soup’ as our setting agent, using fresh Norfolk apples.


We go to great lengths to source good Norfolk ingredients wherever possible. We have worked very closely with some amazing Norfolk producers including Woodfordes Ales, Yare Valley Rape Seed Oils and Colman's Mustard, culminating in a range which is a true taste reflection of it's many parts. We have a beautiful, ever expanding kitchen garden and of course our own fantastic eggs and honey. We believe in seasonality. Quite simply if a fruit or vegetable is not in season we do not use it and thus the range shifts with the seasons.


These deliciously unique products make superb gifts; the jams and marmalades give that Sunday breakfast an indulgent edge whilst the chutneys enhance anything from a simple sandwich to a sophisticated evening meal for friends.

For those who may

think that I cannot

spell (true!) or that the

name sounds familiar...


My maiden name is

Jubb and my husbands

nickname is Wack and

my favourite poem

from school days...

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll from 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'What Alice Found There'.

The name

Tastes brillig!


Our “Proudly Norfolk

Food & Drink” labelling

scheme has been set up

as an initiative by

Norfolk Food & Drink

for Norfolk producers in

the food and drink

industry to acknowledge

their passion and integrity of the product they are producing.  The idea is to give credence to their product when it is displayed on the shop shelves so that they stand out from the crowd of other products which have been mass produced.  For the consumer it will be a sign that you can trust the product you are buying as it has been lovingly made by hand in Norfolk.


For the producer it is an endorsement for genuine food producers who care passionately about the quality of the food they are producing.


Proudly Norfolk

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